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inputs not showing correctly


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I recorded 14 tracks with a Mackie onyx mixer, MBP and external drive for and hour. I got home and hooked the ext HD to my Imac. Then I opened it and created a region for one song that I wanted to create a project for and exported the region as audios file for each track to a new folder.


opened new project and selected empty project 14 mono tracks.

then dragged each track into new project. Now I want to add a track and my input options show 1-14 and 15/16 are grayed out.


Problem is My Imac is running thru a Motu and have been mixing and Logic shows it as my core audio device. The outs selectable also show 1-14.


Is there something embedded in the files that would cause this to see the mackie interface instead of the Motu?

I have tried switching to built in sound, select apply on the Imac and it switches and I select Motu ultralite and apply and it switches back but should should 8 in/out buts does not change in the mixer ???


The original MBP recording project created by selecting a "mackie template" I created so it automatically loads 16 mono tracks with inputs 1-16 selected and armed.

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