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clips from library playing at different speeds?


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If I make a new project and drag a clip from the media library, let's say a vocal clip in the key of C, and then preview another clip in the library that's in another key... It plays at a different speed. As if the sample rate changed or it's being lengthened or shortened or something. Is this normal? Did I stupidly change a setting to allow this behavior?
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OK, I'll make sure. These are all Logic clips. I started the project in 44.1. Normally I use a higher sample rate, but was under the impression that the library clips were all at a low rate to save space. I thought the media library was all 44.1. But maybe I'm wrong.

Also this doesn't explain that before dragging the first clip into the arrange window all the clips play normally. But, this is probably a clue.

I recently did a project where I needed to mix clips from different sample rates and set it up to convert imported clips.

I just find this puzzling. And inconvenient.

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Not all Apple Loops have the same sample rate. Typically, music loops are at 44.1kHz (the CD sample rate) while soundbeds for picture (sound effects etc..) are at 48kHz (the audio sample rate on a video DVD).


It's quite difficult to gather what you're doing, but for your sample to play at the proper speed they need to have the same sample rate as the project, kinda like a 33rpm vinyl needs to be played back at 33rmp or it will sound too fast and too high. So in conclusion, somehow you want to put yourself in a situation where all your audio files in the Bin are at the same sample rate as the project.


When you drag the first clip to your Arrange area, do you get an alert saying that the clip is not at the project length? What assets do you have selected exactly under Settings > Assets before you start dragging loops?


If you can give use exact procedures to reproduce your problem I'll give it a try.

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Here's what I'm doing. Maybe you can figure out what I'm screwing up.

Create an empty project at 44.1 samples.

Open the media library, go to loops. Narrow the field down to voices.

Select the clip entitled "Carla's Improv 02" and drag it into the session.

Go back to the media library and preview other vocal clips.

Anything in the same key as Carla's Improv 02 (the key of C) previews normally from the media window.

Anything outside the key of C plays previews at different speeds. The clips in the key of A sounds like chipmunks. Clips in the key of E sound slightly "demonic", etc...

If I drag these clips into the arrange window they do not play normally.

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I was wondering if I had the settings screwed up.

To be honest with you, as popular as loops are, I usually record musicians. Which is why I know even less about loops than the rest of this stuff. But on the commercial side of things Apple has made it very easy to add backing tracks to voice overs. So I'm trying to get familiar with it.

I guess I'm asking for a little too much. I had better decide what key to use for the project and resist the urge to preview clips from other keys. If there's a bass line or something I think would be worth switching the project key for, I won't know it.

I find the library pretty extensive for the cost. And the help here is really great.

Thank you.

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