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grouped faders not all responding properly to automation.


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I have noticed, and I think this only happens "sometimes" but I could be mistaken about that, that when I group some faders together (so that I can use one fader to control aspects of the entire group) and attempt to write volume changes using "touch" automation, both faders will increase (or decrease) in volume as they should. But when I release the fader only the fader I was using as the control returns to normal and the other stays in the new location as if I had used "latch" automation. Is this normal? Did I stupidly change a setting to allow this behavior?
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It sounds like you're just temporarily linking the channel strips by selecting them in the Mixer? You'll want to properly group the channel strips before you record your automation.


To group your channel strips:


• In the Mixer, select all the desired channel strips.

• Click the group slot (see pic below) and choose a group.


You can now deselect the channel strips (click another channel strip to deselect the channel strips in the group).


Try recording automation now, it should work as expected.


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Well that's simple enough. It would be better for my work flow if they would be "properly" grouped when I group them in the mixer. That;s why I group them.

I'lll get used to doing it properly. It's probably not that much of a hassle.

I got the impression from the user manual that I was properly grouping them the way I was doing it.

Thanks so much for the prompt help.

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