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Adjusting drum pitch, MIDI controller, & samples

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This is my first post and will, no doubt, demonstrate my pitiful lack of Logic 9 knowledge, but here goes anyway. :?

I have been writing parts for pipe band drumming for years now by audio recording with a Roland TD 10 and TD 7 to replicate specifically pitched tenor drums...usually six different drums. I use a DrumKat controller as my interface at home.


I spend a fair amount of time on the road and was thinking that I could 'go MIDI' and use something like a KORG nanoPAD Slim-Line USB Controller and IDrum (iZotope) that I already have with on my MacBook.


• Can I change pitches so that I have, say, 6 differently pitches drums assigned to individual triggers?


• Can I play a Audio tracks and record MIDI instruments over them without a click?


• Is there any additional gear/software that I may need to do this?


• If I play to a click...can the data be translated to Finale?



That's all I can think of...for the moment.


Thanks in advance!





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Rapid response...thanks!


That's at least enough info to get me started, anyway.


I'm sure that more will follow once I get rolling..no pun intended.


I'm confused about Finale. I am thinking that in order for the music to be mapped into the program, it would have to be played to a click and, possibly, quantitized...again, my ignorance shines through.



I've been playing in pipe bands for 20 years. It's an acquired illness. :lol:




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I used to teach marching band. More modernized activity going on there, but the history we learned in college always intrigued me.


From Logic, you can export your tracks as MIDI files, in which case you can import them back into Finale. Never had a need to do it that way myself, but it's an available option.

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