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Crackling/clicking sound when using Logic instruments


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I have just installed Logic Pro 9 and I have noticed that when I activate sounds from Logic Instruments (EVP88 Electric Piano, for example) I get intermittent clicking and crackling sounds. This happens both when triggering sounds using my midi keyboard and when playing back recorded instrument sounds. The crackling is present both on my monitors and in my headphones.


Absolutely no crackling at all when I use my external Roland synth.


I have tried a range of different latencies from 32 to 1024 and this seems to make no difference.


Any ideas what is happening?


Thank you in advance for any help!

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Thanks for you quick reply!


I've dropped all the levels down, both in the logic mixer and the fireface total mix mixer, and nothing seems to be clipping.


At the moment, I'm holding a long note in a synth bass instrument and every few seconds there is a crackling/clicking sound.


When this happens, the CPU meter is completely empty, I can't see any effect here.

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Hi sorry for delay.


Just for info, I tried bouncing a track with a synth drone that is clicking and crackling during normal playback. However, the bounce is completely clean - no crackling whatsoever.


So here is a recording of the drone with the clicks:




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I think the problem is with the sound card.


To resume!


Clicking/crackling when Logic instruments are played.

(No clicking/crackling when external midi used.)


Latest Fireface UC drivers downloaded and installed.


Fireface world clock in USB settings set to 'Internal'.


Latency adjustments in Logic audio preferences seem to have no effect.


There is clicking/crackling (in both external monitors [Fireface outputs 1+2] and headphone socket) when Fireface UC is set as output in Logic audio preferences . However, when Mac line out is set as Audio output (headphones in mac), there is no clicking/crackling. Therefore, the problem does not seem to be with the computer or logic.


Tried the fireface UC on friend's IMac running logic and the same clicking/crackling was apparent...


Therefore, I'm deducing that it's a problem with the Fireface UC. I'm going to try and take it back tomorrow. Does my reasoning sound reasonable?!

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