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Logic Still Has a "Trash"?


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Running 8.0.2 (but looking to confirm this behavior with L9, any version), I ran into a situation the other day where I recorded a few MIDI regions and then deleted the all. With the event list open, I saw indications of all of those regions listed there. Didn't expect to see that, and I've never seen that before. Anyway, I selected them all and hit DELETE, and the alert you see in the screenshot appeared.


I thought that the Logic devs 69'd the "trash" function with Logic 8, but apparently it's still in there.


More out of curiosity than anything else, looking for others to try the same experiment in either Logic 8 or Logic 9 and see if you get this same result. (BTW, note the link mode in the event list -- yellow. Also, you may have to click the hierarchy arrow in the event list to reveal the deleted regions).






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You mean 86'd? :lol:


OMG!!!!! 86'd indeed! LOLOLOL! Shows you where my mind is at lately...


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


@ Shivermetimbers,


ROFL! Funny as hell. BTW, I love your new avatar. I'm sure it'll change in the next 10 minutes (cuz you're good like that LOL) but while it remains I'm diggin' it.

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My guess would be that the architecture is still there, just the paths into it were removed.


It's often a lot easier to remove the menu items and UI to deprecate a feature, than to go into the core engine and engineer it out, for all kinds of reasons.


Remember that the versions of Logic that ostensibly first removed the trash still let you access it by legacy key commands if you knew how - in effect, you could still get there if you had the magic commands, but otherwise you wouldn't ever know it existed.


Then later versions removed that magic command. I'd guess that the arrange trash is nothing more than an arrange view on regions which have the metadata that says "Trashed", and now all the commands to mark a region as Trashed are no longer there, and neither is the window open command that says gimme an arrange window showing on regions marked as "Trashed".


And it's not inconceivable that some bug, funky weirdness, corruption or old song conversions could pull in, or erroneously label regions as trashed and other funky behaviour.


Then again, what you say might have nothing at all to do with any of that. Who knows..? Hey, we like music with character, and we like tools with character, so maybe we should have more DAWs with character.


"Logic 10 Crusty Old Fart Edition" - will randomly forget what you opened the window to do, will pop up alerts that go "This song was better before you messed with that" and will occasionally leak some memory in your favourite chair...

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