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Help on Logic setup with Yamaha N-12 Digital Mixing Console.


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Hi. I'm new on the forum so, please be patient with me, if possible. I'm the happy owner of a new Yamaha N-12 Digital Console. This one comes bundled with Cubase AI that seems to have high integration possibilities with the N-12. Since i've always used first Garageband, then Logic Express and finally upgraded to Logic Pro, i'd like to use my favourite DAW with the N-12, instead of the bundled Cubase.

Is it possible? On the owner's manual of the Yamaha is described this possibility but not how to configure Logic and which is the integration level reachable. And then do you know something about the integration level between Logic and the N-12?. Using Logic, i loose some functions working exclusively with Cubase?

Can you help me please?




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