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how to make a finger slam on Logic Pro 8


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If you type "finger snaps" in the loop browser's search box and it doesn't come up, that means the sound effects and music beds folder hasn't been added to the loop browser's index (I don't even remember if they are added by default when you install Logic...but I have them there).


I'm not sure of the correct path anymore (since I've moved things around), and I'd rather not explain how to set up spotlight to be able to find that file....so I recommed you get EasyFind, which is a nice free utility to have anyway.



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The finger thing could be part of the Soundtrack Sound FX & music beds thingies, which are (i think) not selected in a default Logic install. So grab your install disks and install the Soundtrack content, should be in there. It is a lot though (over 20 GB).

edit: I didn't notice there was a second page with this info already for this topic.... :oops:



Also, you should be able to find a sample like that somewhere online, free. The better option, imo.



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