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New MPB running from back of tour bus - HD config questions!

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I just picked up a new 2.8 i7 17" MacBook pro w a 7200 512g internal hd. I've got a bunch of 500gb USB2 drives for backups on my studio machine. Im going on a big tour but i need to be able to continue my current scoring work flow from the road. I do mainly film scoring, very little audio, pretty heavyweight sample-based music with big sessions. My tower at the studio has 3 500gb internal drives that I have as HD, Samples and Audio (projects)


My question is:


What is the best configuration for my drives to maximize the new mbp? Should I get new drives or can I rework these USB drives as external sample and project sources? I've hears I should never partition, is this true? I need this to be as close to powerful as my studio tower.


Any and all help is much appreciated.

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It's true, never partition.

USB for streaming is flaky.

Get a FW800 drive for your projects and you should be fine.

Depending on how much samples and sounds you have, you could put those on the internal HD.

Or you can get another FW800 drive and daisy-chain it to the project drive.

Even better, get an Express Card adapter and get an external HD that has eSata, which is much faster.

The drives at www.macsales.com have FW800 and eSata ports.

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Definitely keep the audio on another drive.

Depending on how many samples and sounds you have, you can leave those on the internal HD. Otherwise put them with the audio on the same external drive.


would it not be better to keep the audio drive just for audio ??...if the head has to keep moving between locations for samples and project audio, it might defeat the benefits

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