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Handling Plugin Presets in Project Files?


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I'm about to start collaborating with someone over the internet and just wondering if Logic saves plugin presets within the project file? I know where I keep my own pst files, but thats not within the project folder, so I'm just hoping Logic manages them within projects as well as globally.



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Short Answer: No.


Long Answer...


This may be obvious to you - but just in case:


When you save a project file, all settings in the project are saved along with the project: all your Mixer parameters, including all plug-in parameters, etc... that way when you reopen the project it sounds exactly the same as when you saved it - as I said, obvious.


Aside from that, Logic never saves plug-in presets automatically. You can save plug-in presets, but you have to do it yourself, manually: open the plug-in, click on its setting menu and choose "Save Setting As". A Save window opens, and its predetermined location is {home folder}/Library/Application Support/Logic/Plug-In Settings/{name of plug-in}/ - which is the location presets need to be to appear in the Library and in the plug-in's setting menu.


You could manually change that location to your project folder and save the .pst file(s) there, you'd then need to place them at the equivalent location on the new machine, or, from the plug-in setting menu, choose "Load setting".

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