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How can I use step input with mapped instruments?


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I recently dove into the environment, absolutely pleased to see I could make a sort of 'combinator-like' multi-instrument in Logic.


I have my mapped instrument working fine, but I notice that I can't seem to use step-input now - my intention being, understandably, to step-input multiple tracks at once via my mapped instrument, or at least the single region that I seem restricted to ...


Previously I tried to use multiple controllers on separate MIDI channels to achieve this multi-channel step input. I found that doesn't work, I could play the channels separately, but the step input would only input to one track, versus each independent track... (live recording is fine though)


So now I'm trying to use that same multi-instrument/single track step input with a mapped instrument, and I get nothing -as far as step input is concerned. I can still mouse in notes on the piano roll though.


Any ideas? Can I use step input with mapped instruments?



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Step input is a MIDI recording feature, and it couldn't care less where those MIDI events are later routed. All it does is record the MIDI events in a MIDI region on a track, regardless of what that track is assigned to.


Create a track for your mapped instrument and step input the MIDI events there.


My guess is that you're experiencing step input problems, that are not related to the mapped instrument at all.


Try again: create an empty MIDI region on the track, double-click it to open the Piano Roll, click MIDI In and play notes on your keyboard.


If you don't follow those exact steps, many things could have happened: maybe the Piano Roll is not showing your the region you think it is, or maybe it doesn't have key focus, etc...


Also obviously make sure your track is R-enabled.

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