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Effect Automation using a peak controller


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Hello - I am going to try to convey this in text as best as possible.


I am coming from FL Studio 9. I'm pretty comfortable in Logic now, but something I used to do in FL, I can't seem to figure out in Logic. (Pro 9)


In FL they had what was called a Peak controller. This was an internal controller plugin that used the volume level of whatever track in FL and allowed you to use that to control something else that it was linked (routed) to. For instance... I would have a vocal track. I would set the peak controller for that track. Then I would take an effect such as a delay and apply that to the track as well. Now what I would do is link the mix level inversely to the peak controller. What this would do is every time the volume of the vox would be loud, the delay mix level would be minimal. When the vox was quiet the delay would be louder. This was very easy and a nifty little trick to accomplish.


Now that i am using logic I need to know how to go about doing this. Of if there is a better technique I'm up for that as well. This is similar to side chaining but i want to control other elements of the effects, not volume, or compression.

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