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Exporting backing tracks in Logic Pro 9


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Hey everyone!


i decided to finally join a forum instead of hoping someone has the same problem as me down the road! haha :oops:



But here's my problem, im in a band right now called The Gold Coast




we have a show coming up march 4th and it is feb 15th. We need to back all the lead guitar, vocals, piano, and synth live.


What ive been doing is panning the click all the way to the left and everything else all the way to the right. Then i plug in my mixer or Mbox 2 into my computer and use the Mono Out (right) to send the backing tracks through whatever pa im using. When i do this IN logic pro it works fine. However when i export it in to Itunes in attempt to just use an ipod and headphone amplifier, the click will randomly pop up in the backing tracks.


has anyone had this problem! i have been looking everywhere and have never heard anything of these obscene haunted backing tracks.


All help is appreciated greatly. :)

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Wow man, i can't tell you how many people i've asked about this little dilemma of mine.


i seriously appreciate it so much!




Also, not sure if you'll see this second question of mine.


But when using the headphone amplifiers Stereo*** outs, will the backing tracks still come through both of the pa speakers? and will the click still be in both of the drummers headphones?


Youre the s#!+ man! haha thanks so much in advance for any further help with this.

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So you're feeding a mono mix to the PA guy, normally even with the cheapest mixing board out there it shouldn't be a problem for him to route that as a mono mix to both speakers - in fact most PA are actually mono so not a problem there.


For your drummer, you'll need to find an adapter that sends the mono mix to both ears. Something like this:



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