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toggle volume events in Hyper Editor


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You can't mute MIDI events in the Hyper Editor, but you can mute them in other editors.


What I would recommend is:


1) Select the desired events in the Hyper Editor.

2) Open the Event List (press E).

3) Press M to mute the selected events in the Event List.




The M key command only works for Note events in the MIDI editors, not MIDI CC's or Pitch Bend and the like.


(It is possible to mute Regions and Folders).


AFAIK, there is no easy way to 'toggle' the status of CC events etc other than temporarily deleting them or using a Transform object in the Environment to separate them.


One solution might be to temporarily change the MIDI CC number to some unused one in the Event List. (Not so sure that this technique would be helpful for Pitch Bend events).







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You could add two more tracks using Track > New with Same Channel Strip/Instrument and create blank regions for them. Then using the event list, cut the volume data (select one volume event, then Edit > Select Similar Events, then Command+X to cut) and paste it in one of the regions. Repeat the process for Pitch Bend data to paste it in the other region. Then you can use the mute (or solo) buttons in the track headers. For this to work you need to have the Track Mute/Solo preference (Audio > General) set to CPU-Saving (Slow Response).




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