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Fixing plosives in audio


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I know it is best to try to avoid plosives from being recorded with good mic placement and use of a pop filter but some still get through.


I have used a couple of different techniques in dealing with them in Logic. Highlighting the plosive in the Sample Editor and then applying Function->Fade Out once or twice will often work. Other times I have had to resort to applying a HiPass filter selectively in the arrange window using automation at the point of the plosive.


A feature I would like to see is to be able to apply a high pass filter to a selection in the Sample Editor. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Is there an effective way to make enhancement suggestions to the Apple Engineers that work on Logic?


I would be interested in hearing other solutions to dealing with plosives in Logic. Any tips or tricks I should know about?



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What I do most of the time is selecting a word with a nasty plosive with the locators and let it repeat.

Then I apply a boost in the channel EQ around 100/200hz with a Q-factor of +/- 1.50.

I shift the boost around the frequenty spectrum to find the frequenty where the plosive is the most noticable.

When I found the "sweetspot" I cut that frequenty and try to make the Q-factor as small as possible to retain as much of the sound as possible.

Now select a large chunk of the vocal track with the locators, play it and turn your cut on and off to see if your cut does'nt take away too much low end of your vocals.

Adjust Q-factor and gain to finetune your sound.


That's how I do it, but there are many other ways and plugins for that purpose.

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