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Quicktime GM in logic > Doesn't show up


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I'm working on a project and I've been trying to import midi files but they do not sound the way they do when previewed from the finder. After doing some searching around, I know I have to add the Quicktime Device to the Environment page, but when I try to do so, the "New>Internal" menu option is no there. What's more weird is on my Macbook Pro, it is there. My setup:


Mac Pro 2.66 Quad

10GB Ram

Logic 9.1.3

Digi 002

JV-1080 (although this is not setup yet, as I'm having trouble figuring it out, question to follow in another topic post)


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I have the same issue that there is no Environment>New>Internal>Quicktime choice like the manual says.


The manual indicates that

"The QuickTime system extension offers a software-based GM sound generator. The QuickTime Musical Instruments file must be present on your system."


I looked in my System>Library>Quicktime>Contents and this file is not there.


This might be a dumb question but is the Quicktime Player a different file to 'QuickTime Musical Instrument' . Do I need Quicktime Pro?



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Thanks for the tip.


My system has two Quicktime players - 7.6.6 in Utilities and 10.0 in Apps.


But I am not clear yet - is one of these meant to be Quicktime Pro?


And why are none showing up in Logic 9


Open the quicktime system preference. There you can see if quicktime is pro or not:





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Seems to me that you are opening Logic in 64bit mode, and QT is not 64bit compatible.



Check that you have Logic set to open in 32bit mode:


In the Finder, select the Logic application, press cmd+I for Get Info, and the check the "Open in 32" button.




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