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Where to go for good tips on House Production


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Hi Gang - just wondering if anyone had any good sites or reading they could recommend to me for tips on house music production. I've check youtube and all I seem to get there is the Pointblank online stuff.


I'm really interested in anything in the way of how a track is put together. In all honesty I can mix a track pretty well and work most gear without too much hassle, but I could really use something that would give insight into how a housde track is put together. Is there anything that talks about the theory of techno/house or anything to that affect? Also anything for ideas on arrangement/composition would be very appreciated!


(Also, can someone please explain the difference between arrangement and composition?)


Thanks a bunch!!!


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Also - are there any websites where the point is to properly critique peoples art work? Think of it like putting your track to a website where the sites community gives positive criticism (critique) on your work.




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Here;s some:


1) I'm taking PointBlank classes at the moment IMHO they are essential if you want to produce House Music


2) LPH offers a Electronic Dance Music Class : http://logicprohelp.com/lphedm.php - I have heard very good things abut the tutor (Darren Burgos) and even with the PB training I would still attend one of his classes if I could get to LA.


3) There are some house related tuts on AudioTuts http://audio.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/logic-pro/


4) I have found this book to be useful (although dated) : http://www.amazon.com/Electronica-Dance-Music-Programming-Secrets/dp/0130836966


5) Some good tips in this book : http://www.thesecretsofhousemusicproduction.co/


On your last question : have you tried http://www.soundcloud.com

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