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Best strategy for big instruments on an iMac


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Sorry for what amounts to a double post, but my situation has changed, and my current question got kind of buried in the other thread.


I'm running an iMac 2.16 ghz Core 2 Duo, and have been using the sounds that came with Logic, Garritan GPO, JBBO and EZ Drummer. It all works great. But recently I got to wanting some better strings and horns, so I'm going to get getting Mojo Horns, maybe LASS lite, Trilian, Ominsphere etc.


I know I won't be able to really get the most out of all these, but I want to start on the system I have, and go from there. My hd died just as I'm getting all this going, and I'm having a big 1TB drive put in.


My question is, should I spread the instruments between the internal and a 1tb 800/400 external I have? Put them all on the internal? All on the external?


thanks all!!

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Thanks. Sounds totally logical. So in general, sounds in the internal, projects on an externa; (where they are already actually). Anybody have the same or different persepctive/advice on this?


I don't use everything you mentioned, but I know that certain plugins recommend dedicated drives, you can check their websites.

Other than that I would put everything on the system drive and the projects on an external FW800 drive.

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