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How to get these interesting string sounds?

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Take a string sound from the ESX24. Either a real one or a synthesised one. Turn the release of Env2 down to zero, or close to zero. Turn the attack up to about half way. Turn the filter on, and put the cutoff at about halfway, with a little resonance.


Now, in the modulation router, route Env2 to Filter cutoff, and push the intensity of the modulation up to taste. Voila!



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Ahh, see I know I'm being a dick by asking this because you have been so helpful. And I am grateful for you writing that out...




could I be so much of a dick to ask for instructions in kontakt? Seeing as the only nice string samples I have are in there....


I'm really sorry once again, I'm being a dick




Thanks anyway

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I don't actually use Kontakt believe it or not! I don't even have the free player. I've always just used the EXS24. But I would note that the string sound on that track didn't sound that "nice," actually it sounded kind of synthesised, which added to the effect.


Anyway, to do what I just said in Kontakt, you will have to do pretty much the same things.


Find the main amplitude (volume) envelope. Give it a slow attack and no release.


Find the lowpass filter, turn it down a bit, boost the resonance a bit, and then find a way to modulate it upwards with an envelope with a slow attack and no release.

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