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Multi-Instrumen Bug or not?


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Let me explain.


-I set up a multi-instrument patch in the environment with tracks 1-8 enabled.

-Then I create external midi tracks for each channel in the arrange page.

- assign all the tracks with there instruments, create AUXes, everything is smooth.

-I name and choose appropriate icons for each track .


All of a sudden after switching to other tracks the multi-instrument patch that I created has all but channel 1 crossed out again. Everything plays and all the external midi tracks are still assigned to there correct channels but nowhere to be found in the library tab in the bin for that patch.

Ii just started happening because all the other patches in my template are fine.

I hope I explained well enough and need help with this thanks.


I am hosting everything I VE-PRO but I don't ink thats where the issue is.

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