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Virtual Drum Kit Routing Question


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Running LP9 on a mac 2.4, osx 10.6...


as is, the drum kits we can choose are allocated a single channel and with this, we get a channel strip. within the channel strip we get a reverb. when we apply this reverb, every part of the drum kit runs thru this verb. I don't like that. what I want is snare reverbs applied, but with no other part of the kit.


maybe I should run a 4 channel drum kit. this way I can put kik on it's own channel, cymbals on one channel, snare on a channel and toms on the fourth channel....


just looking for a way to send the snare to an exclusive channel strip, really. didn't want to take up the extra processing power needed to separate it..




btw, how do I get to my profile settings for this forum ?

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You still haven't mentioned what instrument you are using.

Anyway I'll suggest you use a Multi Output version of whatever instrument you are using EXS24, Ultrabeat. Then as LogicCOntrol22 said RTM. Your profile can only be changed if you are logged in. See Pic.


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