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Ivory 1.7 and the 32-Bit Bridge in Logic 9.1.3


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Ivory 1.7 (pre-Ivory II engine) is the only 32-bit plug-in I use. I am eager to be rid of it (the 32-bit platform -- Ivory itself is a fine product). But Synthogy doesn't have a 64-bit version. I only use one instance as a plug-in.


The problem is the that the 32-bit Audio Bridge "unexpectedly quits" frequently.


This has been a common issue for me, but as I search this board, it seems that few if any have experienced it.


My templates are large admittedly, up to about 13 GB in a Mac Pro dual 2.8 that has 18 GB total. But all samples are EXS or VSL, and I think they're all 64-bit.


Synthogy says it has not observed this behavior.


Again, my preference is to leave the 32-bit world behind entirely, but I would like to keep using Ivory.

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