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Does Logic recompensate for buffer when MIDI recording?

Stephen Hare

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I've always wondered this, and never been sure. Let's say I set the I/O buffer to 512 so that my computer can still play everything. It says that the resulting latency is 27 ms. Ok, so I record a track on my MIDI keyboard/controller. Are the notes on the screen 27 ms later than what I would like, or does Logic reposition them after the recording is done? It's important, because if Logic doesn't, I should change the start time of the MIDI region.


I've tried doing some tests, but I'm second guessing myself. I want to say it doesn't, but maybe there's an option for it to do it that I don't know about.




Logic 9.1.3, OS 10.6.4, intel iMac, M-Audio Axiom Pro

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I must've not asked this in a way that made sense to others.


Here's what I'm hoping to find out:


- if my soundcard has a latency of 27 ms, will the midi notes I record while playing be 27 ms late, or will Logic move them back to where they should be for me?



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