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No sound while scrubbing


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I am in version 9.1.2 under MacOS 10.6.4.


I get no sound while scrubbing, whatever method is used:

- scissors tool ;

- green arrow on top of playbar ;

- keyboard shortcuts.


The playbar moves but no sound is heard, even after having zoomed in.


What's wrong ??? :evil:

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Before MIDI scrubbing can occur, you need to turn on File>Project Settings>MIDI>General>Scrubbing with Audio in Arrange.


To scrub your project:


Set a zoom level that provides the best view of the section you want to scrub.


Click the Pause button on the Transport bar.


Grab the playhead in the Arrange area or Bar ruler, and move it back and forth through the parts of the project you want to hear, at the speed you want to scrub the section (or use the Scrub Rewind and Scrub Forward key commands).

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