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Nord Piano 88 Mod Wheel and Pitch Bender dilemma


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Hi guys, i'm looking to buy myself a new keyboard after using an old Ensoniq KT88 for more than 14 years! I REALLY like the feel and sound of the Nord Piano 88 and for the times i'm using it in a gig situation it will be just perfect. Light, simple, straight ahead to use and an amazing sound palette. But for when i'm using it as my keyboard controller with Logic the lack of a Mod Wheel and a Pitch Bender are a deal breaker. So forgive my ignorance about this, but is there something else i might buy and use in conjunction with the Nord to fulfil these rolls? I'm obviously not a big controller user so i'm not stressing about a bunch of sliders or knobs. I just need something simple and i need to know if it's simple to run two devices, a keyboard and some kind of controller, at once. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. I know there are different Nords, and that may be where i end up, but the Piano 88 really meets my live use needs so i'm just wondering what i can use as a studio work around. Thanks in advance
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