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Audio drops out but playback bar keeps going

Aaron Kuruption

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Having a massive issue with logic 9 that has only just started happening. During playback of the current project I am working on, the audio will drop out but the playback bar keeps moving as normal and all the track meters keep doing their thing like they are playing a signal.


If I stop/start with the space bar, the audio returns and the track keeps playing as normal. The same thing happens if I rewind a couple of bars. The audio just returns as normal.


It also affects the audio when I bounce the track down. If I try and play back the export in quicktime or another player then the audio will be fine then just stop, but the player will keep going and display x.xx amount of time left.


To put it simply, when this happens, it would appear logic is still sensing signals to export but there is no audio to accompany it.


I should mention also the spot where the audio drops out is exactly the same spot everytime. I am also currently using the onboard soundcard as I am away from my studio so I'm not sure if this problem will still occur when using my motu card.


Once last thing. The cpu and audio metres are not even close to being maxed out so I don't think it is an overloading problem. There is also nothing on mute or any automation on volume.


Any help would be most appreciated as I don't really want to have to re-install logic and the track I'm working on has a deadline.

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Thanks for your response.



edit: Turns out it was an instance of ES2. I had a patch from an older version of logic loaded and it was causing the bug. Sometimes it would play then sometimes it wouldn't. A bit weird but I just re-did the patch in a new instance of ES2 and all is well now.


Talk about tearing hair out!

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