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NOOB-help with syncing audio to movie- project due tomorrow!


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Hey, I'm pretty new with logic so if I say something stupid try and be nice,


I've just finished writing the music for a video and now wish to bounce the audio to the film, but I'm having trouble with that.


I THINK I know about syncing the SMPTE in the settings menu and then also in the synchronization menu, but the problem is I cant find the time code for it.... Ive opened the video in quick time AND VLC and tried looking at the information of the video but it doesn't display the time code at all, and for some strange reason it says(in quick time) the FPS is 8.3... I know that cant be right....right?


When I bounce it to the video it cuts off the first half and just plays the music from the middle.


I"m kind of starting to stress about this because the video is due tomorrow.


please help!!!

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