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Is this sample public domain?

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Hey Guys/Girls


I recently made a remix of the classic song Teddy Bears Picnic, it contains a significant sample from "Henry Hall and His Orchestra" which was recorded in 1932


The melody was composed by John Walter Bratton in 1907, John Walter died in 1947


The lyrics were later added by Jimmy Kennedy in 1932, Jimmy died in 1984.


From what I've read on various online sources is that any sound recording will become public domain 50 years after the recording date???


Therefore to my understanding both the melody and Henry Hall and His Orchestra are under public domain, only the lyrics remain under copyright protection???


Therefore if I redid the remix without adding any of the lyrics the song/remix will be 100% legal?


I'm really confused with this, any insight will be greatly appreaciated.


BTW here is the remix I made, which includes the sample along with the lyrics, if it doesnt need any samples cleared how it is I would really love to know.





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