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video shifts when Cycle bar is on after bounce??


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Hey, so after a bunch of trouble shooting I finally figured out what was causing my video to slide back (after exporting to movie) so the middle of it was at the beginning of my score.


It only happens when I have the cycle bar turned on, I'm almost certain its has nothing to do with the time code lock. This makes it hard to have nice tails releasing after the video has stopped.


Does anyone know why this is happening???

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Well physically Moving the movie in the global tracks to where the logic says the beginning is fixed the problem of it starting in the middle after bounce but now it stops (obviously) where the cycle bar ends, witch is be before the end of the video. If I move the cycle bar to the end of the video it does the first problem all over again!


And I cant find the time code. I only know one way to find it. Putting it in quick time and looking at the info. But with this video it just shows this:




Format: H.264, 640 x 360, Millions

Linear PCM, 24 bit little-endian signed integer, 2 channels, 44100 Hz


FPS: 8.05 ( <- this doesn't make any scene ????? )


Data size:...

Data Rate:...

Current Size:...




This is very confusing.....

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