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Need I/O audio, network format choice help - Audinate Dante

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I need help/advice setting up my live recording rig. I need to take up to 25 track from a Yamaha DM1000 digital mixing console into my macbook pro running Logic 9. The Yamaha uses Mini-YGDAI cards, to add I/O in a wide variety of audio and network formats, located on the back of the console.

There are so many options if you look on their page: http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/products/interfaces/ygdai_cards/

AES/EBU, MADI, Ethernet, Dante, Toslink, SDI, Cobranet, ADAT, TDIF, Optocore, and more!

The mLan protocol was elegant. One cable plugged directly into the macbook from a mLan card. Now I need to choose amongst these different options. They used to have mLan cards but no more and I haven't found one (MY16-MLAN) for sale on eBay for a while. I realize this will most likely mean extra kit will be necessary to go between the card and the macbook. Any advice on which to choose? I read about the Audinate Dante MY 16 card. It looks very, very promising but before I dish out money I'd like to hear from others who have taken the plunge.


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I work for Audinate, and so have a definite bias I'll state up front. My name is Brad and I work for them out of Portland, Oregon.


The Dante-MY16-AUD is just a little piece of what Dante is about. While the old MLan card gave you Firewire, Dante is really a complete networked audio system that scales way, way up. You can connect many Dante-enabled devices (and computers) together using ordinary computer networking gear, and share that connection with ordinary network traffic. Managing hundreds of channels is completely within scope for Dante.


From a functional perspective, the Dante-MY16-AUD combined with Dante Virtual Soundcard would easily be equivalent or better than the MLan. You get 16 bi-directional channels @ 48kHz connected to your Mac using only a regular Ethernet cable plugged into the regular network port. You can easily add more Dante-MY16-AUD cards and devices, plug them all into a switch and build as big a system as you wish. The Dante Virtual Soundcard handles up to 64 simultaneous channels of audio (bi-directional).


Later this summer we'll see the commercial release of the Dante PCIe card. That requires a Mac Pro of course, but provides 128 channels of audio at crazy low latency - under 2.9ms round trip including A/D - D/A conversions. If you are doing live overdubs, it's amazing.


So that's my plug. Feel free to contact me at support (at) audinate.com.

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