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Splitting a long pad note in sixteenth, or eighth.. [SOLVED]


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Hi all,

I checked in piano roll and in midi editing but I can't figure out this.... Maybe it was below my eyes, and so call me stupid :) but actually I didn't see it :)


I created a riff in which there are pads that stay with one note for 4 beat.

Is just an idea to send to my band for a new song

I'd like to simply copy those regions in a new track, assign them a Bass sample intead of pad,

splitting this long note in sixteenth or eighth, and so I'll have an easy bass part, without recording it later.


What is the easiest and cheaper-time way to do this.


Thank you in advance for the help :)

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Cut the region in the Arrange area: use the Scissors, while holding option to do a "Divide Multiple" (that's what the help tag says). A popup will ask you if you want to shorten, keep or split the MIDI notes, choose split. You can then select all the little regions in the Arrange area and choose Regions > Merge > Regions.
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