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How many simultaneous outputs? Audio + Keyboard etc?

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HI people, I'm a newbie,


BIg question burning on me - gave a browse to articles before but can't find out answer -


Is it possible in mainstage to play more than channel at once - e.g. sing into an effect and accompany yourself using piano?


[i guess I would link my comp with my MOTU ultralite audio interface,

plug my Yamaha Motif ES into it and an xlr mic input and get the ability to play a rhodes sample [eg] and sing along with an effect on my voice? so 2 simultaneous tracks going out at once.]


Wot do u reckon?


I have a macbook pro 2011 which has two USB 2 inputs and a firewire 800 connector. Using MOTU Ultralite with a Motif ES 8



Thanks for ur help


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Yes, of course you can,

and you can do also more than you can imagine with mainstage :)


You can even connect also a guitar player while singing and playing piano.


I'm playing 3 keyboards with mainstage, and yes, sometimes at the same time :)

2 hand, and one in a pattern with arpeggiator.


you can also use both midi and audio for your motif, to use internal instrument of motif, and also virtual instrument.



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Oh great!


Can anyone post any useful links/advice about getting the different simultaneous channels working? For instance selecting voice input and keyboard input at once?


Can't seem to find a quick route to doing that . . .






Sure, I can ...



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