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Problem draggin sample editor


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Hi everybody,

since the beginning of my using Logic I got an issue with sample editor.

Actually is not a big problem, but it seems not working like should.


I select an audio region, for example from 18 to 20 bar.

If I click sample editor button in arrange area I see the correct preview

If I open sample editor from menu window, then I see my sample from 18 to 20 in a separate window properly.


But if I drag the sample editor window to open it separately, than it turns back to show me bar 1.

Links in both windows are selected (same level link, violet).


I don't have same problem with piano roll.


Any idea?

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You're experiencing relative and absolute modes:


The ruler in the Sample Editor can be displayed according to the following two modes:


• With reference to the time axis of the project (absolute mode)

• With reference to the beginning of the audio file (relative mode)


Switching the Ruler Between Absolute and Relative Mode

The scale units in the ruler are displayed with solid white lines when you view the time scale according to its absolute position. When you view the time scale according to its relative position, the scale units are dotted (indicating that no time connection exists).


When dragging out the sample editor tab, you're seeing the relative display mode.


All details in the manual :wink:



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I know differences between absolute and relatives.... but...


what about this from the manual:


Drag the Sample Editor button,which changes to the Sample Editorwindow as you drag it.

Note: For the Sample Editor to always display the contents of the region selected in the Arrange area, Content Link mode needs to be enabled. This is done by turning on the Link button in the upper-left corner of the Sample Editor area or window.



It says that to see the region selected while dragging I just have to select link mode... isn't it? Or maybe my manual is missing something :) ????

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Yup Marc, looks like a bug to me. According to the manual, the only time you should see relative position (dotted lines) is when no connection with the Arrange area exists (the audio file only exists in the Bin). I can't think of any reason for Logic to give us a different behavior when selecting a region and choosing Window > Sample Editor, or when dragging the Sample Editor tab. The manual does not make a difference between both techniques and presents them as interchangeable.


That's not the behavior we're seeing.

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