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Change pitch bend range with EastWest SO? [SOLVED]

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does anyone know if there is a way to change the range of the pitch bend when you're using the EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra library, say for a flute


any thoughts would help



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in PLAY:


Main Menu -> Current Instrument -> Advanced Properties -> Pitch Bend Intensity


What are you trying to use it for / What type of patch? I just suggest to be careful, because as soon as you touch that pitch bend, the fake-meter of the instrument is going to spike, and I assume since you have EastWest stuff, that may not be what you want.


Unless you have a specific sound you are going for, then by all means let loose :D

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Yeah, this kills me about E/W stuff... "percentage" for pitch bend amount. :roll:


Anyway, here's a table for ya. Depending on the sound, you may need to tweak some of these percentages by 1%.


EastWest Pitch Bend Percentage Amounts


8% = 1/2 step (well, not quite, but it's the closest you'll get)

17% = whole step

25% = minor 3rd

32% = major 3rd (ish)

41% = perfect 4th (well, it's not quite "perfect" but it's close)

50% = tritone

58% = perfect 5th (ish)

66% = minor 6th

75% = major 6th

83% = minor 7th

91% = major 7th

100% = octave

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Old thread, but thank you ski, for setting up the numbers. And maybe you did this on an old version of Play, but now, decimal values are allowed. If you just divide by 12, you'll get each interval. (The 1/2 step is 8.29% for example - close enough to 8.33.)


Yikes, nobody said there'd be math! (I'm old enough to remember calculating milliseconds from quarter note tempos to find timings for digital delays in the days before Tempo Sync. Ok... the days before DAWs.)

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