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Can't find the impulse response folder


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Hi ppl, hope you are all well!


I recently upgraded to my new iMac 3.2ghz model, YEAH! I recently purchased a soundset that came with a SDIR file for space designer used in a channel strip setting. The instruction in the soundset said just to put it wherever and remember where you put it so you can find it when logic asks you (when you first use that particular channel strip setting). Once Logic finds it the first time it will always be able to find it from then on.


I just wanted to know if anyone knew where the Impulse Response folder has gone?

i know i don't necessarily need to put it in that folder but it would be nice to...


under Mac HD/library/Application Support/Plug in settings/Space Designer

i see pst files but can't seem to find an impulse response folder anywhere.


Am i missing something?


Thanks for reading


3.2GHz Intel Core i3 running Logic 8 Studio

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