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Slaving/Syncing Live To Mainstage using 2 Computers


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I want to be able to have two computers set up so computer1 running mainstage is the master and computer2 running live is the slave. The idea is that I will be controlling tempo and sounds using Mainstage2 while the singer will be triggering loops/effects using live. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Actually I think that is better to use only one computer, while in mainstage you can have both functions at the same time


You can control tempo and sounds, and in the same time with loop interface you can control also loops and effects.


Anyhow, I'm using mainstage also like host for rewire application, like Reason,

and so I think you can run also Live as slave to mainstage.

You can use one computer, and in one add 2 controllers in order to operate in loops and tempo, if you need two separate controllers, one for vocalist and one from you.

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