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problem when bouncing


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I have a track with my piano East West QL

I try to bounce the region but the resulting file into a new track of the arrangement is beginning to stray from sound strident. Unable to listen the file

I tried different latencies but it did not work or it crashes Logic

I repaired permissions to no avail

How to avoid this problem?

berst regards

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the first point is exactly what I did: start with a new project and import my track. So in this new project I have only one track with the piano.

for the second point I will try to replace the piano EXS 24 and I tell you what happens

thank you very much

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My guess is that this is an issue with the EW engine using sample streaming, which can cause problems with any kind of offline bouncing.


Try using the 'old school' real-time bounce methods:


Route the output of the piano track to a bus. Turn off the output for the Aux channel that is created. Create an audio track with it's input assigned to the 'piano bus'. Record.


Alternatively, solo the piano track and do a File:Bounce in realtime, and then import the bounced file.




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