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Loopback restart / possible to go over the bar?


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I have two quick questions, and I've searched the previous forums for an answer but can't find one that addresses this specifically.


1) It appears that you can't record "over the bar" in the Loopback plugin, meaning when I press record and keep recording over the specified loop length, Loopback will automatically delete any previously recorded material when it reaches the beginning of the loop. Is this the case? Or is there a way to continue overdubbing past that point, rather than having to keep turning record on and off? I hope so, because otherwise Loopback is less useful than an actual tape loop recorder.


2) Is there a way to send MainStage's built-in metronome to another output? I have a ProFire 610 which has a discrete secondary headphone output, I'd really like to route the metronome click there, instead of through the main outputs. This way I can cue up synced loops without the audience hearing the clicks.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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