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Audio File "Follow" and "Transpose" + ap


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There seems to be no rhyme or reason on when an audio file can Follow Tempo and/or Transpose. Why would a bounced file not be able to follow, but a file that is recorded in the project be able to? If I use "Detect Tempo" this enables a "Follow" but not "Transpose" box in the inspector.


In a similar quandary, back in the days of L7, I could very easily convert a file into an Apple Loop and it would stay in the arrange page and function with the benefits of being an Apple Loop.

Now, unless I am mistaken (a frequent occurrence) I have to go into the Apple Loops Utility, do the work there, save it somewhere and then load it into my sequence. Is there a way more like the old days? Or some other shortcut to quickly convert an audio file to an Apple Loop without those other steps?



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