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Looking for 24 touch sensitive faders to use with Logic?

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Hi all,


After battling with a Behringer BCF2000 for a number of years now, I am on the prowl for a larger, touch sensitive controller to use with Logic 9 with some kind of digital display above each fader.


So far my options include hooking up millions of dollars worth of Mackie or Euphonix gear to the job. I have also checked out the discontinued Tascam US2400 which appears to have compatibility issues with Logic 9 and lacks the display feature (something I would consider crucial after working with the BCF2000).


I'm a bit of a DIY freak and piecing together bits of gear from the 1930's would be great if it worked and although touch sensitive faders are preferred, normal motorized faders wouldn't faze me terribly.


I thought it would be easier to find something with 24 motorized faders and displays compatible with Logic 9. Maybe I missed something..?



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