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Channel strip setting I/O. Inputs not available to choose

Adam D

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Hi, still new to Mainstage 2 and vacillating between loving it and pulling my hair out with frustration. I know I'll get it, but we have shows next week that I'd like to use it for.


Anyway, I'm building some channel strip settings, using the included templates to copy from in some cases. I am NOT hooked up to my apogee duet at the moment (if that makes a difference.) Anyway, when I go to select the input, none are available. Actually, when I'm in the Mainstage template that is loaded with patches, etc., I see input 1 selected. I go to change that to input 2 and it won't give me ANY input choices. Is it the case that I can only select the inputs if my apogee is hooked up? Do I actually have to be plugged into the line 1 and 2 IN jacks for it to see that I have those as options? If so, this seems odd as one might very regularly be building these strips away from one's instrument, on the couch, on a plane, etc.


Any idea what's going on here?



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so, I hooked up my apogee duet and, sure enough, the inputs became available... immediately. When I disconnected the apogee, they remained available. What gives? Seems like strange behavior. What am I not understanding?
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Well, seems that mainstage doesn't see correctly apogee when connected.


Go into Mainstage preferences and check your audio i preferences.

Probably is not properly selected in there into audio output and input.


Connect your apogee first, then open mainstage,

then go in preferences and select it


I'm not using apogee, Motu, but.....sometimes I have to reselect in preferences if I used mainstage without interface for a while

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as I understand it, you have to be connected to your audio interface in order to be able to choose those outputs. When you're not connected, Mainstage keeps those settings but once you touch them, it switches to the "real" situation and the choices you have then.


I have created 4 concert level busses for the 4 separate stereo outputs of my Motu. I can route all audio signals there with sends (leaving Mainstage's main out to go to Motu's main out). It results in only 4 channel strips that are "connected" to my audio interface. If I have to work without the interface, I'll have to adjust the output of those 4 channel strips at the max.


This solves only half of your problem, as your input sources will still behave the same. But maybe it's a start.




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