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Audio engine dropout on record enable.


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Hi all,


I'm wondering if some of you could tell me whether record enabling an audio track while in playback or record causes an audio engine dropout on your systems? When I do it here all audio stops for about half a second: audio, instruments, fx returns, etc, then comes back in random order, not all tracks at the same time.


Note that I'm not referring to the dropout that you get when you go into record without having Punch On The Fly selected, though it sounds the same.


Additionally, if I save while an audio track is record enabled (but not recording) I get the same


I'm running 9.1.3 on a new Macbook Pro under 10.6.6 but had the same problem with Logic 8 on my ancient G5. Software monitoring is *off*, buffer size is 1024 (though it happens at the lowest values as well).


If anyone had any thoughts on the matter, I'd greatly appreciate it. I switched from Cubase and am finding the whole audio side of Logic far less "rubust", though it could just be a matter of my settings.



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