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Automate the AutoFilter

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OK. Most effect plugins have a kind of master knob that turns the effect up or down. Failing that, you can always hit the Bypass button to get rid of the effect altogether.


What I want to do is put an AutoFilter on the stereo out track but I can't find any automation to gradually phase the effect out over a couple of bars. If I fiddle with all the individual knobs I think I can get it right, but a) I'd have to put automation on all the different knobs to phase it out, and b) if I want to change the preset on the track, I'd have to redo all the automation.


PS: It would be great if you group tracks together and only apply automation to a group of tracks. Is that possible?


Any ideas here?

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I take it from that you kinda want the filter to open up or become more dry as it gradually progresses to help bring the song in yeah? If so, place the autofilter on the output channel, then hit a on your keyboard to load up the automation window, go to where it says 'volume' and click on it, it should bring up a load of options such as pan etc... and select the plug-in you want, and click on the control that lets you alter the wet signal. Then draw a dot on the place where you want it to begin completely wet, and then draw another dot on where you want it to be dry, then move said dot up or down till it reads 0% (or whatever means it's complete dry). Then make sure to select 'bypass' for the autofilter plug-in and automate it so the plug-in is bypassed after this as then it will not affect the overall sound for the rest of the piece.


Hope that helps, there probably is a better way but that is all I can think of.




Edit: Sorry, just read you wanna way to be able to group the tracks together that you want the sound to be applied to. Thats simple, in the mixer window, select options> create new auxiliary channel strips, and make sure the I/O says 'bus 1' by clicking on the 'input 1' and select 'bus 1'. Then on the individual instrument channel strips you want to be affected, go to the sends, click and select bus 1, then adjust the send level (little wheel next to the 'bus 1' send icon) and select the amount you want to send to the bus.

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