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Sound Design Mono Template


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Hi guys,


I am currently working on a game.. I built myself some kind of template because I need to produce a lot of sounds for different puposes : monsters, impacts, etc..


Unfortunetaly I cannot produce stereo sounds so I am working with some Logic template so that I can bounce my sounds mono directly in the session although I am having a bit of an issue understanding logic's mono/stereo output system (not as I clear as protools to me.. I used to work a lot in PT before)


I joined a screen capture of my template so you can see what is going on and maybe give some advices, if any other sound designers see this subject :-)


This is what I do :


I created all of my mono SFX --> on the the template the SFX tracks, these tracks are locked with a gain plugin so that they stay mono even if I insert a stereo sound on the track..


The SFX tracks go to a master SFX track (an aux) called SFX_group

on this track I have an L2 and paz meter to check the low end of my SFX mix.

I send this SFX master and the aux sends (reverb processing, etc) to an audio bnce track - this track monitors my mix all the time and I can bounce my sounds on it when I am done to see how the waveform looks in Mono (any peaking, etc).


Then from this bounce track I bounce directly in mono in my logic bounce folder, I select the final sounds this bounce track (using locators) and click on bounce on my mono out track so I am sure my sounds will be bounced mono.. not splitted.

On the bounce track you will see that the output is stereo but it's only to hear my final sounds on the L/R speaker, if I set a mono out I only hear my sounds on the left speaker.


My Issues are :


- I don't understand why I have to output my bounce track stereo to hear the sounds on both L/R speaker if I output mono I only hear on my left side.. Is there a way to hear a mono output on the 2 channels ??


- When I play a mono sound via my mono out output track, If I change the mono out to stereo out (pressing the circle icon on the track), I donnot see any change in volume. If a mono sound is played stereo (dual mono..), the level should be louder, 3 dB at least.. here it seems to stay the same even with the stereo pan law compensation enabled/disabled... weird.



Anyway If you have any tips that could help me improve this template, I would really appreciate.. It's not that complicated but maybe there is a way to simplify it..


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When I play a mono sound via my mono out output track, If I change the mono out to stereo out (pressing the circle icon on the track), I donnot see any change in volume.

Pressing the "circle" icon on the stereo out does not make the output mono, but merely selects the left channel.

In order to make the output mono, you need to insert a gain plugin set to mono as the last insert in the output channel.

Then when you make the output mono with the "circle" icon you will have summed left and right, and all your problems will go away.

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