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Tablature In Logic Tips?


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I always forget what I played and I am not very good at figuring stuff out by ear. But I also never want to take notes because it removes me from the creative mode. This is my general dilemma.


That said, I want to start using the score editor so I can remember easier, but I have a few questions.


Can you have score on an audio track, or does it have to be MIDI?


I can keep rhythm simple by just using chords, slashes and my ears, but does anyone have any tips for solos?


The holy grail in my mind is just being able to take audio and have it translated to tablature. This is sort-of doable by turning the audio into MIDI and then converting the MIDI to tablature. I have not found anything that does this well. It is just too complicated. The built in audio to MIDI feature in logic just makes unusable garbage. However, Melodyne is more promising. The problem is, it's too good. You end up with ghost and accidental notes and pretty much make the tablature really complicated and unusable. That said, melodyne is really useful for figuring out what you played even with out exporting to MIDI because you can see the notes right on the screen.


For my purposes, I just need to remember what I played. Whatever tablature I come up with doesn't need to be accurate and contains all the trills and bends. I just want to have a reference for the notes to jog my memory and use my ears to remember the performance.


So any tips? I really want to keep it in logic, but the score editor isn't very kind. I do have Guitar Pro, but that takes it out of Logic and it's nice to be able to loop a section.

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I can't think of a perfect solution - don't think the technology is there yet.


Might try a MIDI guitar interface. I do this and assign each string to a unique MIDI channel. A little tweaking in Logic's Tab settings and you're up and running. You still have to deal with tracking errors. And play like you want to it to appear, not how it sounds. May not be your cup of tea, but might check it out.

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