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Is there a way to have logic full screen?


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folb695 wrote:

sorry guys, I don't really think there's any need for that



Need for what???


You didn't answer my question. My attachment above is about as full screen as it gets.


I meant the whole oh extra 11 centimeters


Sorry, Scott that was directed as you.

Yeah like that but i can select the menu and I don't have to see my background and what not :)

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To show/hide the Tool Bar you click the little oval button in the upper right corner of the Arrange window (bordered in red in my second image).


To show/hide the Inspector press I on your keyboard or in the Arrange menu View>Inspector.


To show/hide the Transport Bar go (in the Arrange menu) to View>Transport.


To maximize the remaining Arrange window you do it like any window in Mac OS. Click the Maximize (+ sign) button in the upper right hand corner (bordered in red in my first image).


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