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For Sale: Ultra-thin LogicKeyboard for Logic Pro/Express 8/9


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Ultra-thin LogicKeyboard for Logic Pro/Express 8/9


This USB LogicKeyboard allows you to take advantage of the great new features in Logic Pro and Express 8 and complies with their preset key command settings, making it plug-and-play.


Great for all skill levels

It's a great way to learn the embedded key commands in a fast way- and as your experience level raises, it leavesroom for your own key command programming. The keyboard includes 54 icon and colour coded keycaps. Improves efficiency, drives results


LogicKeyboard makes work with DAW and Music Notation significantly faster and more efficient. This is an essential accessory for anyone who wants key commands to be readily available - music creation and Audio production has never been easier.



Full-size USB ultra-thin aluminium Apple keyboard

New customised keyboard design

Excellent graphical artwork

Functional and stylish appearance

Logical key command groupings

Clear, bright colours

Friendly icon and text coded keycaps

Dye sublimation printing for long-term durability


More info on the Apple site here: http://store.apple.com/uk/product/TT951B/A


or visit the manufactures website: http://www.logickeyboard.com/shop/euro/frontpage.html


RRP £129.99


Item will be sent next day delivery and fully insured.


This is brand new and sealed.


Thought you guys might be interested for £90 including postage? :)

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