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Change Project Tempo but allow nothing to move? [SOLVED]


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I imported stems from Pro Tools for an entire song.


For the vocal tracks, I had to clean them up (noise in between phrases, etc), so they are no longer one contiguous file. Everything else still is though.


I had forgotten to change my BPM from 120 to 126 when I first imported the session, and now I want to change it. What seems to happen is all my other tracks just stay where they are, but the "floating" broken up pieces of the vocal track are moving along with the timeline.


How do I get everything to "stay put" and just ignore the tempo change? As the point of the tempo change is to get the click to line up with the audio as-is.


An alternative (and something I'd like to know) is... I've managed to use the Glue Tool to make all the little vocal bits contiguous, but I need to get the regions to start at zero. That I can't figure out either).



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Select all of the regions in the Arrange.


Choose Region>Lock SMPTE position (or it's key command, or the button you can customize in the tool bar etc.)


Now change the tempo in the Transport display.


Thank you! In the meantime, what I did was recorded silence until it butted up against the beginning of the region, then glued that together.


But thank you for the alternative and correct way to do it. I'll remember it for the future.

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