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auto-input and punching in


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I have a workflow that I would like to be able to implement in Logic but have not been able to figure out.


I'm familiar with auto-punch and it works well. But it always requires setting the punch-in point and the punch-out point.


Instead, I would like to be able to just set the playhead at the punch-in point, press record, hear two bars of pre-roll, and go indefinitely. Just like [clears throat] ProTools. You don't have to futz around with little markers. If you screw up your take, you stop, move the cursor back, and press record again to continue where you left off.


I know that there is a "count-in" or "record pre-roll" option in project settings, but no matter what combination of input or auto-input settings I try, I can't hear my previously recorded take in that pre-roll time. I only hear it if I'm in auto-punch mode. What good is a pre-roll if you can't hear it??


Thanks for any suggestions.


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