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Lady Gaga Born This Way (Craig Williams Remix)


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Hey guys this is a minimal tech remix I did of Born This Way. Even if you don’t like Gaga I hope you like this, and if your a Gaga fan I hope that I have done the track justice.


Listen here




or you can download this remix here for free


http://www.facebook.com/craigwilliamsmusic and clicking "like"


Website here




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I barely have any business answering this thread as I have only listened to your track on my MacBook's speakers - stuck in a hotel room without headphones right now.


However I listened to it twice and I must say I like what I hear from here. You really turned the original track (which I like) into something very personal. It's very ambient! I wasn't expecting that. It's got a great vibe, really dreamy, airy, simple, candid.


I like it! Great job.

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Thanks for the kind words Dave. I wanted to do something different to all the other remixes out there, and I think that it turned out pretty good. I was lucky enough to send it to DJ White Shadow (Lady Gaga's Producer) and he really liked it. So thats pretty cool.


Thanks again for listening



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